Chapter Goals

AMA Iowa has identified the following areas as priorities to ensure overall success of our chapter. Our annual plan has been based on these critical success areas:


  • Ensure our Board of Directors, members and volunteers are satisfied, motivated and inspired to continue to develop and grow our chapter and provide a better overall experience for everyone we encounter.
  • Take leadership to another level by providing on-going recommendations to AMA Support Center about what’s working and what is not in an effort to provide value to other chapters.

Membership, Collegiate & Volunteers

  • Increase membership
  • Ensure continued value and engagement through enhanced experiences
  • Maintain member satisfaction
  • Provide mentoring and networking opportunities for student chapters
  • Increase volunteer visibility


  • Develop relevant, timely programming that encourages retention and leads to a growing chapter
  • Provide educational and networking experiences that empower our audiences with more take-away strategies and tactics they can apply back at the office
  • Use survey and membership data to drive decision-making and enhance member satisfaction
  • Use volunteers to assist with events and help with future succession of programs event planning


  • Sell the experience offered by AMA Iowa by communicating with members and prospects regularly to keep our chapter top-of-mind
  • Reinforce benefits of membership
  • Provide timely information
  • Use communications channels to connect with members, prospects, sponsors and volunteers in efforts to engage on an individual level as well as support Membership, Sponsorship and Programming committee initiatives.
  • Position AMA Iowa as a thought leader by delivering relevant, beneficial and timely content to members and prospects.


  • Demonstrate value in a sponsorship with AMA Iowa by reporting metrics back to sponsors
  • Document Sponsorships process and data management
  • Drive relationship building with sponsors and key partners


  • Ensure our finances are appropriately and accurately managed and invested in order to expand the opportunities our chapter has to grow and engage members
  • Ensure we run AMA Iowa like a business while focusing on value for members and ensuring Board members understand sound fiscal policy
  • Meet AMA Support Center’s financial reporting requirements and deadlines


  • Adhere to state and federal laws while providing vital assistance in almost every aspect of our organization to protect our members, our chapter and our chapter leaders
  • Provide industry relevant law information to Board of Directors throughout the year